California City

I'm currently making finishing touches to my second album, which has been a long process (longer than i'd hoped it to be). 

In the meantime, I thought i'd post some stuff up here. Just stuff. Stuff that interests me. Here's something I heard about a while back: California City, a 320 square kilometre development in the middle of the Mojave desert near Los Angeles. 

It was the near-Utopian project of a guy called Nat Mendelsohn, a comprehensive development started from scratch and consisting of seven different function-specific neighbourhoods. It's a dense network of roads, highways, cul-de-sacs, business parks and suburban streets. However, there's some key elements missing: people. Or buildings. Or anything. The city was mapped out, etched into the desert, but never built upon (apart from a growing community occupying one corner of the massive grid system). It's an interesting story. Read more about it here: